Cryptoasset Ranking

Our aim is to build the most complete and comprehensive database related to cryptocurrencies. Although we want the largest possible number of assets in our database, this is not possible in every case. A project’s eligibility for our toplist will be determined by the Real Trade Volume (calculated from raw trade data from the exchanges) and the few factors that we take into consideration before adding a Cryptocurrency to our database. The final decision to add or reject an asset is taken by all the mentioned factors down below:

  1. Our ability to verify the project’s supply information with no incongruities. (in the case of tokens - verified smart contract)
  2. Strengths in a number of areas of exchange listings (Reliable Api, Trading Volume, Market Pairs, Community Interest, Project Activity, Uniqueness, Innovation.) We have a unique scanning process what’s reflect the difference between the reported volumes and the real trade volume.
  3. The asset is traded on exchanges that possess a number of the following attributes:
    1. Regulated or Licenced exchange
    2. Publishes reliable API endpoints
    3. Active product development and communication from the team
    4. Active community
    5. Significant liquidity and trading activity with normal bid-ask spreads across sufficient sources of market data (we have special scanning process, that can determinate market manipulation)

The mentioned factors are for prevention of the ranking manipulation. In certain cases will have to exercise its discretion in determining a project’s eligibility for out Toplist [e.g. stablecoins, exchange tokens, privacy coins].

Our Marketcap calculating method have a unique method for the calculation of the market capitalization. We at do not believe in the circulating supply, because there is a lot of unverifiable information about the burned amounts and other distribution processes.

Instead of the usual circulating supply data, we use the total supply in our algorithm. In the case of ERC20 tokens the supply calculation method is different, we scan the total supply data straight from the blockchain. (at we only considering the substraction of the burned amounts from the verified burning addresses.)

Total issued supply * Actual price = Marketcap