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Are you an aspiring writer and especially interested in the world of CryptoCurrency? Become a Guest Blogger here, on

Choose a topic that suits your field of expertise and our profile as well, then create your blog post and send it to our email address [email protected].

What makes up our profile?

  • cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and all the market events
  • market data analisys
  • all current news regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • analysis of any important blockchain data event
  • cryptocurrency investments
  • tips and advice regarding to cryptocurrency
  • any useful information for those interested in cryptocurrency

Prior to sending in your work to us, please read our Guest Blogging Guidelines.

We do not publish all articles sent in, firstly we revise each piece of work and only those will be published that meet our requirements.

What are the requirements?

  • unique content (The article has not been published online anywhere yet)
  • decent vocabulary and grammar
  • keep the character count of your piece between a minimum of 1.000 and a maximum of 5.000 characters
  • your topic must align with our profile discussed above
  • easily readable articles (paragraphs consisting of 2-3 sentences)
  • for ease of read, the text should be divided into subheadings.
  • no usage of affiliate links, unless there has been a previous agreement with us
  • if including other links, make sure that your links do work
  • articles written in English language solely

Where will your article be published?

Mainly on at the news selection section, where your article will state your name, job title and workplace. We also highlight all sources used in your article, so even your own previous articles can be promoted this way on our website.

Besides appearing on your guest post will also be published on our other social media divisions or also promoted in our Weekly Newsletter if the article meet our requirements.