Privacy Policy

1. General rules

The Service Provider collects and manages personal data given by the User upon registration.
The title of data management is the voluntary consent given by the holder of data. By means of the use of the Website and the registration the User accepts the Terms and expressly consents to the fact that his/her specified data be managed in accordance with the present Terms.
If the User specifies the data of a natural person other than the User, the User shall obtain the consent of the affected person except if this consent is not needed due to a legal rule. In case of the communication of the data of a natural person the User will be liable that such data be communicated lawfully. User will make sure that the affected persons are informed about data management.
Since the User enters – by means of the registration and the acceptance of the present Terms – into a legal relationship with Service Provider, the prevailing legal rules are authoritative also for data management.
The objective of the data management is the identification of the User and the provision of services as well as the analysis, development of the Website.
Certain services are available only for registered users or for those users who has completed special registration forms.

2. Data management for advertisement purposes

The Service Provider is entitled to use the address specified by User (email address, phone number, or any other identification data for contact purposes) for the purposes of sending the User, newsletters or advertising letters in connection with the Service Provider, or the Service provided by the Service Provider. The User accepts that the Service Provider uses the data collected in the course of the User’s use of the Website for advertisement purposes so that the Service Provider may send offers to the User, those which are specifically tailored to the User’s behavioral patterns on the Website.

3. Duration of data management

Service Provider erases the data received in following cases:

  • the data management is against the law, or a legal rule orders cancellation;
  • if requested by User;
  • the data are deficient or erroneous, which makes use impossible;
  • the purpose of data managements ceases;
  • if ordered by an authority or the court.

With the exception of the User’s public data or data managed on the basis of a legal rule, User is free to ask for the cancellation of his/her data. The cancellation of the data necessary for registration results the cancellation of the registration itself.